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Re: Jim and Peters love letters

Posted by on December 07, 2005 at 09:56:22

In Reply to: Jim and Peters love letters posted by Where is the correspondance? on December 06, 2005 at 17:19:51:

No show? How about you "show" up with me on another Dr. Phil Show, where 10-15 FGAs discuss how they were duped into crossing sexual boundaries with my children and theirs, and I'll show up with the communications. Or, if that is not your cup of tea, how about you show some good faith by sending a letter or money order to Charles Luis Allen? Show me a reciept for a book you've sent to him, and I'll consider showing you the communications. You want something- I want something. I'm willing to negotiate.
But seriously, since the first anonymous post, I have been struggling to mitigate in my own mind why I would arbitrarily publish these communications. As you know, I have published previous ones that I felt were important for the exer boards, for example, Claire Borowik's. That was an easy decision. But there are plenty of good reasons, as well as, poor reasons for publishing any communications I've had with many key figures in this developing story.
After launching, sometime in Jan 2006, the new project my family is currently working on, I may consider publishing Peter's, as well as other's email communications that I have had over this past year, but that would be for the purpose of historical value. At that point it might be important to publish them for readers to understand my intent to mediate a resolution with TFI in regards to the abuse suffered by my children and relatives. But, after the launching of the project in '06, many in the general public may want to understand why I didn't attempt to first work out a viable resolution with the leadership of TFI. The communications would then be of use to establish whether I had made that effort with TFI, and what, in fact, their response was. So, please understand that the complexity surrounding publishing is deeper than your personal desire of curiosity.