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Question to JLM

Posted by Quiet Silence on December 07, 2005 at 22:35:25

Jim, your short history in the exCOG community is showing a couple of things to ponder: selective memory and lack of self reflection.

Why would people still want to engage you in discussing things privately? I don't know. I hope for your sake that some of them do but I hope for their sakes that they don't. You may not be aware of your powers of persuation but I doubt it, after all you made a good life out of that. You will probably make those poor people feel like garbage. I am saying this not because I know you personally but because I have read your posts and sense the tone of your speach.

I am not writing to scold you or because I need to feel superior, or anything like that. I am writing this because your defensiveness gets old and verges on abusive expression. Why should we take it? Nobody has the right to ask from you more than you can give but once you open the door to a topic something you should at least have the presence of mind, good citizenship and be well mannered to explain things through and concret instead of remaining vague.

For selective memory you just have to reread all your posts, and they are in cyberspace.

For self reflection, you continue repeating the same mistakes that keep offending people.

Even when people tell you how offensive they are you fail to see that and continue onffending them, and the cycle is repeated. Wish you well brother but please, can you stop this?