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Re: you cannot be judge and jury

Posted by on December 08, 2005 at 00:32:03

In Reply to: you cannot be judge and jury posted by Acheick on December 07, 2005 at 23:14:17:

Acheick- I could never know what people did, or didn't do , excepting what I witnessed personally. I have no way of knowing whether anyone is trying to make amends with those of whom they have hurt. Maybe you are assuming that I felt Apollos was guilty of something. I did not make that assumption. Actually the SGA made that assumption when I asked how I could contact Apollos. I felt that Apollos would have intimate details about the top leadership, transfer of money inside the cult, etc. I was trying to gather information for my visit to the FBI, and in particular, the IRS.
I was mystified by the reaction of the SGA to the benign question of how to make contact with Apollos. In fact, the SGA reacted as Apollos's defense counsel. I think that maybe the SGA jumped to the conclusion that I wanted to prosecute Apollos, instead of what I had intended, asking Apollos to help in the investigations. I found it quite unhelpful in the initial stages of the investigation, particularily because this SGA had provided me with an affidavit from another SGA, and my assumption was that this individual was not only in favor of an FBI investigation, but had actually provided me information, albeit not his/her own affidavit. I found it to be curiously selective by this individual to give me the affidavit from someone else, and refuse to give me contact information on Apollos. Nevertheless, the choice was his/hers. After his/her refusal, this SGA proceeded to inform me that Apollos has never committed a prosecutable act. I am still mystified as to how this SGA could ascertain whether Apollos did or did not commit any prosecutable acts while in TFI, an assumption that I myself could not make. I merely wanted to contact Apollos with specific concerns that I had, and was hoping he would offer some help. Apollos was the one who witnessed to me and influenced me to join the COG. I had never had any bad encounters with him while I was in TFI, so I actually thought he'd have no problem talking to me. This may still be the case. I was given information that Apollos lived in Berg's home. I wanted to confirm this as well as other items I felt pertinent to the investigation. I wanted Apollos's help. Remember, I went to the FBI, not the other way around, so it was imperitive that I gathered as much information as I could to substanitiate my claims when I made them to the authorities.
I still believe Apollos could be a tremendous help in this effort. Others could be as well.
Lastly, you talk about pressure that I put on this SGA- you act as judge, jury, and executioner when you make a statement like this, particularily because you were not privy to the conversation. Maybe you have spoken directly with the SGA, or have merely read posts on an exer board about it. But now that you have the other side of the conversation, does this help? I have no shame in asking for anyone's help in this matter. I also understand anyone I ask for help should have the opportunity to decline.