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Re: appropriate venues

Posted by on December 08, 2005 at 11:41:41

In Reply to: Re: appropriate venues posted by Joseph on December 08, 2005 at 02:07:27:

I really take offense, specifically, at your statement that I was in a back room trying to get Elixcia to "sign over her story for his (my) benefit." This is not true. There were four people present when Elixcia signed the contract, you were not one of them, and it was signed in my living room. It was a contract to protect her from the actions of Don Lattin and the other members of the media that were pounding down my door for interviews. Mr. Lattin has consequently obtained a contract from Harper Collins, San Francisco, to write a book entitled "The Family, From Ricky Rodriquez's Eyes," or something to that working title. Don did not compensate Elixcia or the other SGAs that he interviewed for this book, according to the emails he wrote to me.
My intuition about Don's desire to write the book in early January was the prompt for me to protect not only Elixcia's monetary rights to the story, but also to any future movie rights that may incur.
Don sat silent while I was accused of doing what he eventually did- that is, write a story about Ricky for profit. I have never slighted Don for writing the book- the more the merrier- but I have a specific disagreement as to how he handled it. I never had the intention to write the story, the contract was written in the event that Elixcia would ever decide to write (and have me help co-write) the story herself. I felt, and still fill, that Elixcia would be the best for such a story about Ricky because she actually lived with Ricky and knew him well. But time will tell- maybe Don will write the best book ever on the subject. I certainly hope so, but I have many reservations.