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Time to put one thing to rest

Posted by Coordinator on December 09, 2005 at 10:35:35

It is pointless to ask or compare, even rhetorically, what someone has done to expose or fight the cult. It is up to each and everyone of us, to do what we can live with, and not up to anyone else to make a judgement on whether someone else is doing enough. Any more posts along these lines will be deleted.

The recriminations have to stop.

Just as there is no single path for exit from the cult, or recovery from it, there is no single path for how to do your part in fighting it. I can think of many situations, where people are doing a lot but never talk about it, or can't talk about it.

We are all survivors of a cult, and deserve to be treated with respect and sensitivity. We were all collectively responsible for being stupid enough to join it, for having enabled it to function. And whether or not it was corrupt after such and such a year is a lame excuse in my opinion. That anyone can even talk in terms of how long they were in for, during which period of time, is not relevant. That anyone can talk in terms of I'm doing more than you, or "What have you done lately" is crossing the line. The key is support, empathy and understanding.