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Since you don't remember Jim,

Posted by Jo on December 09, 2005 at 17:50:22

In Reply to: Re: You've avoided the question again posted by Jim LaMattery on December 09, 2005 at 17:26:13:

and you have already forgotten the reminders I sent you of things I heard and saw that you would know and know I was there at the same time as you, I will answer for you. You were in Stockholm Sweden and you and Chen were leaders there along with L & O. I have even sent you e-mails with conversation snippets you talked about so that you would know I remembered you from there and that I was there at that time that you were leaders. So lets get concrete here. Were you ever a leader in Stockholm Sweden in the early towards mid seventies? I know you were. Do you know you were?
The detailed conversation snippets I mentioned in private e-mail that I only could have known from you which occurred in Stockholm Sweden when I was at the home there that you were leader at, you don't remember?
The details about chromosomes and causes of chromosome damage that you talked about? What I mentioned about being dealt with about my relationship with my "mate" at the time we were there, by you and Chen and L and O all together?
Yes, some things occurred after you were out of the picture. But not the separation of my son from me and not the being sent out to "pioneer" Orebro in the dead of winter. I don't doubt you have forgotten it as it didn't effect you personally but it really effected me and my family.
So back to question one. Do you remember being a leader in Stockholm Sweden?