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Threatening again are you?

Posted by Jo on December 10, 2005 at 18:41:42

In Reply to: Re: From the mother's perspective posted by Jim LaMattery on December 10, 2005 at 11:58:57:

Firstly, I never said yea or nay about publishing private e-mails, but I do believe that they should remain private and have nothing to do with what we are discussing here other than I tried a more reserved approach to broach this subject with you. You did not remember, I wrote some specifics that would indicate to you that I remembered YOU even if you didn't remember me.

Next I would say that I have gotten more out of this discussion here than I could ever get from you in private e-mail. My memory is very clear regarding you being a leader when my child was sent away out of the country to a school, when I was on a small team sent to pioneer Orebro in the middle of the night. You were also around the "harsh disciplinarian" on a daily basis. That last memory is the only one that was fuzzy to me with some very clear parts regarding you being in the room.
Yes, Chen was a harsh leader imo. I can't blame you for being upset with her. She was pretty neglectful too from what I remember. But you were married to her at the time I am discussing and were a leader WITH her.
My memory is crystal clear on that.
Why it is so hard for you to come to terms with, that you were there and dissociated yourself from all these matters or how you escaped remembering them seems to come out in a post where you mentioned that childcare was women's business back then.
I believe the Jim today would want to hurt someone for hurting a child. I don't believe that would help the child or you though. I don't believe that in the family mindset and in your youth that you thought the way you do today back then.
What is sad to me is that you are unwilling to consider that what I remember so clearly happened even though you don't remember it.
At least you now admit you were a leader in Stockholm Sweden back then.