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Seek and Secundus

Posted by someone on December 28, 2005 at 22:39:06

In Reply to: Re: One More Thing posted by exer on December 28, 2005 at 22:00:57:

I don't know if "Kay Spain" is Seek. I think Seek's name is actually "Kay Pribyl" Also from pictures and videos of "Kay Spain" I have seen, I think they are different people.

One of the publications you mention is excerpted in the judgment of Lord Justice Ward:

There are some letters from members of The Family which are revealing about the sexual goings-on within The Family. Thus for example:-

(a) "Sex should be Fun" written in about 1980 when Shuly wrote how "wonderful" it was "to have the liberty if you want it." She goes openly proclaimed that when she was thirteen in Venezuela she had a sexual affair with Berg's grandson.

(b) In "The Blessings of Older Children" written in about 1981 Seek and Secundus observed that they had not heard many testimonies from other families about how fast their kids were maturing, but would be very interested to hear more. Their eldest were Jason 9, Shera 8 and Summer 6. They wrote:-

"Jason, Shera and Summer have quite a little love triangle going and have been teaching us a lot about sharing and being unselfish. One night I knew Shera was looking forward to being with Jason, but he was with Summer. I asked Shera about it and she said that Summer was a little discouraged and Jason was trying to cheer her up before he came to bed with her....Jason was so in love with one sister while we were in Finland and really went through trials when he knew a particular older brother was sleeping with her....We really don't encourage or discourage the children about sex but we like to talk to them about what they are experiencing. It really isn't a joke for them, but comes very naturally and matter of factly, and they don't hesitate to share with us without even a flush. We don't know how much flesh brothers and sisters can share when they are older? But we want to share our experiences and are interested in the experiences of others in the family."