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Re: real and surreal - my take on all this

Posted by demystifying Maria and Berg on January 18, 2006 at 18:06:48

In Reply to: Re: real and surreal - my take on all this posted by excog on January 18, 2006 at 11:50:59:

Okay. Fair question. Here's an answer you may or may not agree with. The purpose, for me, of writing about this is because many people leave the family or have left believing much of the spiritual BS OR they have not left and are deep into it. Whether it is an "American" anomaly or not I can't answer as I am already an "American"- as far as "getting into this.
I personally think it is significant to those who have left or to those still in to post accounts of information from first hand sources that aren't about "maybe" this or that, but that expose blatant fabrications.
I also think posts that talk about where "Otano" and "Taurug" and "Oplexicon" likely came from help demystify the group to anyone trolling these pages that is still in the family at least it is food for THOUGHT and THOUGHT often helps people move into action in deciding to get out or to start adding things up or to start thinking rationally to some degree anyway.
The story wasn't an "if".
It wasn't detailed, but it wasn't an "if".
All these things are significant in exposing the lies the family are entrenched in whether simple delusion or flat out fabrication.
As someone also pointed out, the Vandari prophecy was something they heard was brought up likely to get back in Maria's good graces. That is not stated as a fact but as a "I heard that.." but it is enough for me to know it is highly likely that it happened that way.
Facts (though this one is not yet proven beyond everyone's reasonable doubts) make people THINK.
In another cult, Eckankar, one former leader, functioning still as a member, discovered inconsistencies and dared to ASK about them. They could not be answered and others began to ask and the effect was many people left the religion.
If people are stimulated to THINK and to QUESTION even if they dare not do it to Maria, that is enough reason for me for all that is being talked about, exposed etc.
Deborah's book was something I read while in the cult and it made me THINK. I didn't leave immediately but that was one thing of many that began to break through the cult cloud.