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Re: Twisted facts

Posted by JSP on February 23, 2006 at 14:10:20

In Reply to: Twisted facts posted by One who knows on February 23, 2006 at 07:24:03:

The title of your post, the name you put could come across as you "KNOWing" more than anyone else and that the story presented is "twisting the facts". Well I am one who does not know the situation but my thoughts on this is that people can have differing perspectives that are just that, THEIR PERSPECTIVES, not twisted but how they experienced a given situation.
One thing so many who left the Family deal with is being told "You are a liar." For what it is worth, I believe that Sarafina is very balanced in her perspective of what happened and most people who have been victimized tend to underexaggerate their experiences.
Maybe it would help to write your perspective of the situation you know about and own it as your experience without discounting another's? It's just a thought.
In the Family we always had to be examples to the outside world, put on a happy face and presentation. Now outside of it people don't have to worry about how the Family might interpret things. It makes the person once victimized feel victimized again. It brings back that crazy feeling of questioning ones own reality by the interpretation of elders.
I may be way off the beam on this, but i think overall I could get a lot more out of these conversations by sticking to my own personal experience without telling someone else they are fabricating, lying, twisting facts because it doesn't fit a perspective I have.
That being said, what was your perspective of the situation?
I am all for hearing different viewpoints from people no longer under the influence.