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Weighing sources & details

Posted by Observer on February 23, 2006 at 17:41:51

In Reply to: Re: The facts were not twisted. posted by One Who Knows on February 23, 2006 at 16:31:50:

I have an open mind on this & I can believe that you're basically reporting the facts as you know them, or to be specific, as Frank has related them to you. You mentioned that you had just talked to him yesterday & I assume that a large part of your reason for phoning or e-mailing him was to pass on Sarafina's post to him & to get his 'take' on it.

Now, Sarafina has acknowledged that she didn't know all the details & it seems that you're closer to a source than she is. (I say 'a' source, not 'the' source, since the mother would have to be considered the most accurate source.) I can also believe that Frank, despite having done some harsh stuff which Sarafina alludes to loved his wife & is trying as best he knows how to be 'a pretty decent chap' as you put it.

However, the fact that we're basically hearing the details straight from the mouth of a current Family member leaves me very leery, & with good reason. Frankly, I find it astonishing to hear that the Family Aid Fund kicked in for ALL of her expenses, & that the Family (despite its horrific record & stance in the past)allowed her to have all the medical attention she wanted.

This stretches my credulity to the breaking point. Where was this wonderful attitude toward the medical profession when Peter Frouman's mother was dying of cancer? Where was the Family Aid Fund for her? We're talking about the same Family Int'l whose founder wrote 'Pill or Pilgrimage' aren't we? Can you name the new Family pub that totally turned this policy around? I'd like to read it.

I had a personal friend die of untreated cancer when 'Pill or Pilgrimage' was fully believed & urged upon Family members. She was diagnosed with cancer & urged not to take medical treatment. When her cancer was too far progressed & she was of no use to the Family any more because she couldn't work any more, they sent her home to her parents to die. And she did die.

I can believe Frank is sincere, but he's also a current Family member whose primary duty is to do damage control for the Family. I'd like to hear his 'take' on the details a couple years after he's left the Family.

BTW, now that you've posted details about Frank & mentioned that you, an exmember, are in contact with him as recently as yesterday, he may be forced to stop writing you. You realize that, don't you? Either that or you'll have to prove to Frank that you're still a very close friend of the Family & are safe to continue writing to.