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Re: Just chatting some more about moral issues

Posted by Skep on April 18, 2006 at 02:39:38

In Reply to: Just chatting some more about moral issues posted by Moralizer on April 17, 2006 at 10:24:04:

It is good to agree and yet be different. I am not sure we have the same views and reactions. For instance, just because I am open to the fact the "free sex" is an option, I don't condone it or promote it. I view it more as a personal choce as many others I might even abhor and go against. I am much of a biggot on many issues. I believe all humans have some things we strongly dislike to the point of being intolerant. What makes us different is the way to react to it - do we acknowledge it or do we hide it? x-phobic people (x being anything you want) are more dangerous when they think of themselves as perfectly innocent. They are more dangerous with their cloked hate and discrimination than others who openly accept it and embrace it. So it is not a matter of moral rules alone but a matter of "love of the truth".

I suspect you have it and I admire you for that, let me test it. You assume that I may have an unpleasant feeling about some person I love when I find something terrible about the person who infliceted the pain. I don't function like that. In fact, I am oblivious about that third person. Does that make me insensitive? I don't know. I have asked myself this very same question many times but I also asked myself why people get so upset about a third party when they are not the direct recipients of their actions?

To be specific about your personal story, I had something similar hapen to me. She was the person with whom I have been closest than to anybody else on earth and yet my reaction was rather to feel a deeper connection and nothing for the perpetrator. What seemed to be lack of empathy was really an immediate explosion of concern and ingrowth of a much deeper spiritual "fusing" (I like your word) than an instant before.

I can happily report that I do know and understand real love and are able to recognize it from that point on. Love has no room for hate just as light has no room for darkness (shadows are not darkness but simply spots not directed hit by the light). Some of us may be in the midst of shadows, in and out of direct light, but I don't think we are in darkness. Perhaps some people are but I doubt WE are. We found our way out of the darkness of a cult that keeps calling light to darkness. We knew better and were able to discern.

I am afraid this is getting a bit too religious for GenX besides I gotta move on. Hey! I enjoy chatting with you. Thanks for the soul food! |:-)