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Re: Dear Moonshiner

Posted by Smiley on April 27, 2006 at 20:51:21

In Reply to: Is Smiley a Family member? posted by moonshiner on April 27, 2006 at 13:10:10:

If anyone is doing sa poor job it is you! To cover that up you say I am doing a poor job. That is just part of your poor job of reverse psycology to get others on your side to agree with you. I dont care what you think is a poor job or whateve as that is not the point. The point is that you still have not answered my questions I asked before.
WHat are you doing to help people in other countries?
How to do sacrifice to save those who need help?
Do you feed the homeless?
Do you visit the sick in hospitals?
Do you visit the old folks and bring them comfort?
Do you Visit orphanages and bring happiness to children?
Do you volunteer your time to build schools, train teachers, gather school ,medical, and sports equipment and materials for the poor countries that cant afford these things?
Do you volunteer your time to go into dangerous areas to rescue those who are oppressed?
What exactly do you do that is so righteous and better than that so you can condemn others?
I do not condone wrongs done by people who were or are a member of the group and I beleive that justice will catch up with them, but I do defend the rights of those who are dedicated to reach the needy.
Just because someone is a member of TF or supports TF or is a frind of some Family member does not make them a criminal, and it does not make TF a crimnal organization. You need to rethink your
accusations. Again I ask, show me your documental
official proof that the Family is a world wide criminal organization. Just becasue that is the opinion of a few angry ex members, and angry ex member young people because they suffered some
traumatic experience, that does not mean that TF is a world wide Criminal Organizaation as the Mafia.or the Illuminati , a secret conspiracy organization, a world wide prostitute and child abuse organization.
Moonshiner, Its time to take a look at your own life and take responsbility for your own lack and failures instead of blaming your wasted life on
the The Family or anyone trying to do good in the world. Take a look at these other organizations, thousands of them, that con people out of their money every day. So if you are going to stand for
the truth, and against false teachings, abuse , abortion, whatever, you have to take a stand against all of them. You cant say " I hate The Family becasue they are a criminal organization
then you condone the Catholic Church, the Mormons,
Christian Scientists, Mooneys, Hari Krishnas, Aum
Shinrikyo, Mahareshe Mahesh yogi, The Queen of Heaven or whatever you choose. If TF is a criminal organization like the Mafia, then why dont you start speaking against them too? Or are you afraid? Thats hypocrisy! YOu know the Mafia is doing many times more harm thanb the Family ever did, yet you dont speak out agains them. YOu know thew Catholic Church sits in their pomp and riches while the poor and needy are right next door starving to death. YOu know that theswe other religions are conning people out of their money daily yet you dont say anything about them. Are you really aware of what is happenning in this world? Or are you, Moonshiner, only obseesed with your bitternesses against one little obsolete,
obscure organization that hasnt even learned how to support themselves. Thet have missionaries who
are struggling to minister to people all over the world sacrificially yet you call these people criminals , whn you are letting the real criminals
the real theives go free. Dont worry, Justice will catch up to the Family leadership and those responsible, but leave the innocent alone.
Or are you only brave enough to fight against those who cant fight back, or dont have the time becasue they are too busy helping people?
Still waiting for your answers.Smile