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Re: I Am not a Family Member and I anot Paul

Posted by on April 27, 2006 at 22:19:30

In Reply to: Re: I Am not a Family Member and I anot Paul posted by Smiley on April 27, 2006 at 20:15:57:


I am an ex-member of TF, from a membership way back in the '70s. I joined TF right out of Tae Kwon Do, Yoga and the occult in '71, in Denton, Texas, at university.

I was named "Simon" at the Babes Ranch near there, then went to the "Rock House" in Dallas, then Crockett, then the Houston frat-house Colony near the UH campus, then to Brownsville as one of the first translators. Then, I was at Cuernavaca, and the Radio Selah Colony at Toluca.

I was also at the New Orleans Colony for awhile, and my name was changed to "Jonathan".

I also traveled back into Mexico again for the "Kohoutek Comet" farce/false prophecy!

I traveled with the first person to ever make an ex-TF webpage, a Marlene, or "Little One", whose story is on this webpage (see

I am the "Jonathan" she wrote about there - she wrote:

"Eleazar, his friend Jonathan, and I decided to take a trip to California to get the things I had left at college. We stopped on the way to see a pregnant friend of mine at a girl's home in Colorado, and Jonathan began a relationship with her that later led to marriage. On this trip, Jonathan came on strong with classes, Bible studies, and many Mo letter readings. He came down hard on me if I questioned or disagreed, and even made fun of the way I prayed. He intimidated me into submission. I believed I was wrong because they were so strong in the Lord and in "The Family" and had been "serving God full-time" for so long. And we won souls on the trip and had many exciting experiences. Soon after I came back, while visiting "The Rock House" colony and witnessing with them often, my friend came with her new baby to live in the "associate colony" that Eleazar and I were forming. (It never dawned on me that neither Eleazar nor I should maybe join the Rock House.) It was exciting, but I soon found that he was seeing another girl, trying to win her to the Family, and that girl was falling in love with him. My friend and I decided to go visit her parents in Oregon. While there, her parents clearly came against us, especially me as the "leader". They were even thinking about deprogramming her, so we fled to a colony in Spokane, where Jonathan came to meet us. I joined full-time, and she and Jonathan made their own associate colony."

I was on TF's first pioneering team to Mexico, with leaders Agabus and Abishag, and was the head Provisioner for Mexico City, where ALL the TF "big leaders" and members came throught to pioneer Centtral and South America. I met Berg in Cuernavaca--the "dead shark-eyed" little worm!

What a creep! That's what I sensed when I first saw him; not knowing who he really was--the nasty little shit! Yecch!

I was hardcore TF all the way, but left when the Sex Doctrines began to be more than "theoretical" for the rank and file "grunts"; like me.

From my own little "associate colony" at the World's Fair in Spkane Washington--I left on Independence Day with my wife and stepson; believe it or not.

So, I'm an FG; just another "oldtimer", so I go by "OT2", or "OldtimerToo". I'm still a Christian; personally speaking.

You do sound just like the guy in the clown greasepaint and costume I spoke to recently at the entrance to the "Books a Million" bookstore at the Katy Mills Mall, where "Stephen Eve's" adult kids sell overpriced twisted balloons and tell the store manager they're "Ex-members of the Children of God", and are "real missionaries" (I've discussed this with the store manager, who now knows better, although he hasn't run them off just yet--he's a real Christian man, too--very merciful). Stephen Ferguson, aka "Stephen David" is, of course, the guy that ran of with Berg's wife Eve in a "May-September" bigamous relationship with her and his wife Adria, to start practically his own little cult, and held himself out as a "Karate Bad-Ass" of sorts who kicked in Colony doors and threatened people back in the '70s.

It was apparent for a while that Stephen was posting here--he removed a bunch of incriminating stuff from his religious "Con Job" website at ""--you can still see everything hew removed at the "Wayback Machine" website archive service; plus at other website archive sites (se the URLs I gave to Moonshiner).

I continued the martial arts training I started pre-TF after I got out. I believe in defending myself, and the weak; especially women--Berg and his followers abuse them and make sexual property of them, as well as molesting opposite-sex children of the group (I haven't heard of any homosexual child-molesting)--they are sex abusers and pedophiles of the very worst sort.

I mentioned to the male clown, (whom I think is Paul--one of Stephen's sons--another made it into the Navy Seals--according to a Heartclub website newsletter! At least he was out from Stephen's influence for a while!).

You sound incredibly like him!

All of your silly statements have been effectively countered by various other posters, here--I don't need to repeat anything for most of them.

Moonies do "righteous works" of political and religious nature as well--so what? The cults support legitimate NGOs as well--REAL NGO members disavow and sever their connections with the cults as soon as they find out.

One formerly TF group in Russia consists of exTFers who now completely disavow Berg and all his followers, in order to do REAL NGO, and REAL CHRISTIAN work. They know that, like Bobby Seal of the original Black Panthers once said, but in their case in reference to The Family International, "Ain't NOTHIN' changed but the calendar!".

In other words, TFI has not changed or repented of ANYTHING--they have merely changed their TACTICS.

Sociologically, and in provable fact, TFI is absolutely putrid and corrupt! AS Cb and others have pointed out, TFI is a CRIMINAL orgqanization in aevery way--they lie for money.

Spiritually, they are EXACTLY like the false teachers described in 2 Peter chapter 2, and EXACTLY like the false prophetess Jezebel, in Revelation chapter 2. No amount of "religious good works" can change that fact!

So--why don't YOU disassociate COPLETELY from TF, and then travel over to visit your "close personal friend" and help him to do the SAME!?

Haven't you read what Scripture says about "not...laying hands [of blessing and approval] on anyone [and thereby] partaking of their sins..."?

TFI funds are like what JUDAS got; Mr. "Smiley"!

You AND your "friend" need to throw those funds down and disassociate COMPLETELY from TFI.

I was the head Provisioner in Mexico--there is NOTHING you can tell me to convince me what we ALL did was not a religious con and a LIE; and you KNOW it.

If you KNOW it and do not disassociate, YOU are a con; as well--just like ANY OTHER TFI member of ANY affiliation; Bubba--don't be ridiculous--you will have NO "praise of God" when you are judged; either--TFI is rotten to the core, and COMPLETELY unredeemable as an organization--it's got "Ichabod" indelibly written ALL OVER IT!

My past membership in it was, like Paul said, something done "in ignorance and unbelief". May God have mercy on you, as well.

I hope you can start thinking for yourself, "Smiley"--I really do.

The you can REALLY smile, and not do the "deceivers yet true" bullshit here--as I said--no one is fooled. Smirk away--you only fool yourself.

The guy in "Marlene's" story, Cecil Pagel/aka "Eleazar", also runs some orphnages in Romania, as does another TF-exer woman who posts on another TF-exer site, "New Day News"--both absolutely HATE TF doctrines, ESPECIALLY the current hardcore PR FRONT of "Pseudonyms, Fronts and Umbrella Organizations" (see

CB is correct--in the "Escort Service" days, TF WAS involved with organized crime members through direct and unvarnished no-holds barred prostitution, and it was WORLDWIDE--that is indisputably documented.

There is also a CURRENT ONGOING FBI investigation of the child molestation STILL OCCURING in the cult. Check out all the SG testimonies at is, if you have ANY BALLS AT ALL!

I assume you're male--in fact--I think your're the same guy in the clown outfit I talked to at Katy Mills Mall--the same guy who posted as "Another point of View", after I told my story on Journeys, several weeks ago--your mode of expression is WAY too similar NOT to be.

Here, I feel I HAVE to repost what Moonshiner said:

"Is Smiley a Family member? Considering her/his poorly argued posts I'd say it's definitely possible. Some indicators are the poor grasp of language, faulty logic, ad hominem attacks, mis-directed questions (it is Peters who needs to answer the question: is he a Family member?), Family-speak, etc, etc. But even if Smiley is not a Family member s/he has been vigorously defending that organization, while seeming to be oblivious of the criminal issues hanging over TF's collective head. There seems to be some inconsistencies and confusions in Smiley's posts, which lead me to think that this might be some Family flunky doing a very poor job of trying to defend Peters and TF".

I couldn't agree more! Well-said, Moonshiner!

Another TF-exer, Sam Armejian, with whom I am in regular email contact, has taken the many, many testimonies of FGs, and SGs PROVING the abuse, kidnapping and sexual, mental, social and physical TORTURE of underage members; mostly from these boards.

I knew Watchman, in Mexico, and I know the psychiatrist here in Houston who tried to treat him just prior to his suicide, following the torture he received as an FG. The same psychiatrist persuaded me NOT to suicide, following my own PTSD problems, years ago (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder & Major Depressive Disorder/Recurrent/Severe). TFI-related problems have plagued me for years--still MUCH better than the TF-induced "perils among false brethren"; like Paul wrote about!

I worked in the geophysical business in Venezuela in the late '80s, and visited TF Colonies there for over a year, and secretly persuaded a Dutch FFer, "Maggie", whom they assigned to "work me' as a "fish" and a Spanish couple with their baby son, to leave the cult.

I also OBSERVED half-naked sarong-wrapped little TF girls being LITERALLY OFFERED by "Jeho" or "Rob", the CS, to a Venezuelan businessman who was OBVIOUSLY a pedophile--I WISH I had been able to do something about it--I really wanted to hurt this guy at the time--I almost wish I had beaten the crap out of BOTH pedophiles (the CS AND the "kiddie fish" pervert)--a long story.

So--who am I? I am someone who knows that everyone here has your number, and no one is fooled by your absurd position, your ridiculous comments, or anything else you have posted--no one is fooled at all--THAT'S who I am; Bub.

Wake up!