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Re: Whatever the strategy was about, it backfired

Posted by CB on April 29, 2006 at 02:10:02

In Reply to: Re: Whatever the strategy was about, it backfired posted by moonshiner on April 28, 2006 at 17:48:43:

Yes, I think there is a value in writing letters to the editor. (

Journalists have an obligation not to misrepresent the facts or mislead readers by leaving out important information. Otherwise, they can't be trusted. The article referenced Tim as "pastor," but did not identify the congregation or church that he pastors. The article made it sound as though Peters is affiliated with the Prebyterian Church.

Your letter may or may not be published, but the editors have a responsibility to clarify the facts presented in the story. The editors should also provide their rationale for leaving out controversial facts, such as Peters' affiliation with TFI. Did the writer know about this and purposely choose to leave out it out? If so, why did the journalist decide that the reader doesn't need to know that Pastor Tim oversees the flock a Family International home church? If Pastor Tim was a Baptist minister, would this ovesight have occurred?

The way to get "fair and unbiased" news is by asking journalists, editors, and publishers to explain a story.