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Re: Porceleindoll's great answers to Smiley

Posted by moonshiner on May 02, 2006 at 16:53:34

In Reply to: Porceleindoll's great answers to Smiley posted by reposter on May 02, 2006 at 16:01:10:

I think the Family members posting (posing) as one Smiley revealed their own bigotry in their various responses to the Tim Peters matter.

As PD and others have pointed out, we no longer have the need to glorify ourselves by pretending to do good works, like we did in TF. If I now choose to help my neighbours, both locally and globally, it is motivated by altruism, compassion, justice, etc, unlike in TF where supposed good deeds are merely for show, for photo ops, for PR, for provisioning, for self-glorification, etc.

I can't reveal the types of volunteer advocacy I have been and am involved in without revealing who I am, and I'm not yet ready to do that. But the few people who know who I really am could vouch for the fact that some of the work I've been involved in has been with some of the most marginalized and victimized people in society. The work I've done has not only directly helped save lives in my local area, it has helped further the cause of compassion and justice on a global scale. All of my work in that area was for free. I have volunteered many hundreds of hours over the years doing real, concrete things to make the world better for at least some people. I don't expect any reward, award or glory. I just do it because its the right thing to do. Not because I've been spiritually coerced to deceive people into thinking I'm really doing things to help people in need when I'm not. That's TF way, not mine any longer.

These Family members/supporters coming here to criticise and condemn us are nothing but liars throwing red herrings to deflect their own hypocracy. They make me sick.