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Are Tim Peters and Smiley in The Family?

Posted by Doer, not talker on May 03, 2006 at 14:55:14

Moonshiner posted below:

"Take a look at the new article on the home page of this site. If you follow the links you see that the FCF has a page on Peters, prominently displaying the Times article. On the Times website that article was posted Monday, April 24, 2006; 20:00 HKT

"That leaves no doubt whatsoever that Peters is a Family member. We should also remember that TF is constantly changing terminology that denotes membership. It is possible to be affiliated with TF without being called a member per se, because of the concentric circles of membership and the semantic word games they play.

"The key, imo, is to follow the money, because we know how deceitful TF is when it comes to fully disclosing who they are."

Tim Peters said he was an FM member. He is still using the FCF and has not distanced himself from it, like the way LB (in Perm, Russia) did, before it eventually weaned itself off and severed ties with The Family. It would be a simple deduction to those of us who know how The Family operates, that Tim Peters is still in good standing, because The Family doesn't take rejection lightly, and if Tim Peters was in anyway vocal against The Family, you can be sure they wouldn't fancy featuring him so highly on their FCF website. I mean, they have oodles of information and links, seizing on the opportunity to get across some good P.R., so they must trust him that he is at least not anti-Family.

Still, do we actually have proof he is in The Family? Do we ever about anyone, really?

Even Smiley, who talked Family, smelled Family, whined like Family, said flatly, "I am not in The Family."

Smiley must be relieved that if he didn't do very well on this board, that he still at least resembled Family to us. It means he was being true to his faith.

Moonshiner hit the nail on the head that The Family uses "semantic word games." Like when The Children of God "disbanded," and like when Berg said to flatly deny they were The Family of Love in order to avoid trouble with the Police, etc.

Moonshiner said to follow the money. Good advice!

Following the money trail, CB wrote in "Abiding by the Rules of the Game", which Smiley never answered (maybe because of a ban?):

"Is there some administrative rule under which FCF can assure me that some portion of my donation to Peters' ministry won't end up in the hands of Zerby, Smith & Company? Does Peters' provide FCF and the public with a yearly income and expenditures report that shows how donations are disbursed?"

Also, "Fully informed people can decide for themselves whether or not to support Peters' ministry through FCF. Potential donors have a right to know that FCF is subject to a liability suit being brought by victims of TFI's "unloving discipline." When Peters' fails to give his donors a full disclosure of his affiliations, he raises legitimate questions about his trustworthiness."

Bottom line: Smiley says he's not in The Family, but he walks and talks Family. He is also defending someone we can be pretty sure is in good standing in The Family.

What was that Berg quote? Looks like shit, smells like shit, feels like shit, tastes like shit, hmmm it's gotta be shit.