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Re: Porceleindoll's great answers to Smiley

Posted by CB on May 03, 2006 at 21:08:08

In Reply to: Re: Porceleindoll's great answers to Smiley posted by Observer on May 03, 2006 at 18:28:33:

After I posted, I got to thinking about on all those grandiose rewards that TF's "prophets" promises the followers for their service to GOd. I mean the stuff about acquiring supernatural powers during the last days and becoming leaders and rulers in the Millenium, living in grand celestial mansions and wielding power over feifdoms in the Kingdom of God on earth.

I think there's a parallel to the belief that you'll get 72 virgins in paradise if you die a martyr for Islam. Some people die as martyrs because that's their lot in life--it's not something they'd actively choose. Maybe there are special rewards for those who suffer the pains of death for their faith, but it's a very different thing choosing martyrdom because you're expecting to hit the celestial jackpot.

So the TFI disciple dies to self daily in service to God (martyrdom) because s/he desires a glorious crown of jewels and a place among the elites of the elect. Isn't that different than dying to self daily because that is what defines life in the Spirit, and this process (kenosis: dying to self) is its own reward?