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Posted by Some Questions on May 04, 2006 at 02:10:14

Someone who has been following the recent debate wrote me a few questions and I offered to post them here for so that others can offer their opinions as well (This is edited for privacy):

... accuse a whole group, without even having the knowledge or facts or evidence that (everyone is) guitly. ...can name names and call out the guilty ones by name, place, etc, but when you accuse a whole movement of people, you are accusing the women and the children too, the innocent and the babies also.

...want to set the people free from their oppressing leadership. What if they don't want to be free? You are going to force people to leave a group or coerce them to leave just becasue you do not like them being in it and doing what they are doing?
(Isn't that) predjudie and bigotry?
You cannot pretend to be setting people free unless they call for help and ask to be set free.
Otherwise it is religious persecution whichever way you look at it.

Just because (you and people you know) had a hard time in the group... suffered some abuse..., that doesnt mean you should hate everyone who is even associated or was associated with the group because that would mean you have to hate yourself too, because you once were a part of the group and believed its doctrines.
Where were your parents when all of this was happenning? Why blame all the members of a group when your parents somehow allowed it to happen?