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I don't think that's what he meant

Posted by Observer on May 04, 2006 at 13:19:07

In Reply to: Hush money posted by moonshiner on May 04, 2006 at 12:39:43:

That may also be the case, but my take on what Jojo is saying is that on reduced status you can live life without obeying Family 'disciple' rules, so long as you still basically believe in the Family, speak up to defend it & don't outright criticize it.

I think if this is Peter's situation, then he still believes the Family is right & doesn't need 'hush money' to induce him to think positively about the Family. He may be semi-out but he's still a believer.

Once a person starts criticizing the Family, you're starting to think independently & basically on your way out. And if you're openly criticizing the Family in e-mails to friends, etc. then you've (quote-unquote) backslidden & become a bitter apostate.

I think Peters is still genuinely pro-Family (as his friend, Smiley) which is why Peters can continue to receive FCF funds & be featured prominently on FCF's site.