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Confirmation on Tim and 2 questions

Posted by porceleindoll on May 05, 2006 at 20:30:16

I don't know if this will help in the debate, but I contacted one of his children with whom I have been in touch with over the years, and asked her about her dad, this is her response:

"My parents are DEFINITELY out of TF. Have been for a while. The only connection, which is probably what everyone is up in arms about, is that they're still under the tax-free umbrella of FCF. He's trying to get out of it and work out another way to receive donations tax-free, but he just hasn't had the time to do that.

My Dad is not harming anyone and just minding his own business, trying to help people and do what bit of good he can in his part of the world--..what is wrong with (that)??"

For the record, I know Tim and his family personally, and they are really good people. And I don't think that what we say here on this board will make a difference to Tim and what he's doing in Korea. Tim was one of those people who struck you as a missionary, not just a Family member. As a person, Tim is not bad, nor do I believe he would be using FCF as a means to generate false income.

This also brings about a few other questions I have:

1. When do we let someone off the hook for being in or involved with the group? Not just Tim as an example, but others as well. Sure, we know the FCF is being 'used' by Family members as a source of free money, and our past lives tell us that TFI can't always be trusted to be honest about how that money is being used.

But I feel it would be a mistake to lump all persons under the FCF umbrella in the same category. I believe there are good people doing good works using the FCF to gain donations to help their work, and I believe Tim is one of them.

I think the debate has been good to bring out the issues of dishonesty and the FCF connection to TFI, but I would pose the question: Does EVERYONE who receives donations from FCF automatically come under the same branding of bad that TFI carries?

I think no, I think each person is an individual, and not all are bad at heart or dishonest, they are truly trying to do something good in their part of the world, and using the means available to them. For me personally, I don't want to automatically put someone in a category until I know for a fact that they are bad, and just having an association with FCF doesn't do it for me.

2. This is more of a Ex-member help question:
What do we have to provide present FCF beneficiaries wean off of FCF? Can we, as an exmember community come up with a viable alternative for them to go to for help and support in true missionary work? Is anyone in this community researched enough to be able to come up with a list of other charities and help put people in touch with those charities so they can make the switch-over from FCF to a more suitable charity, therefore enabling them to continue their volunteer work? That may be a good project for the exmember community, to actually provide an alternative to those who need it.

You all who know me know that I don't at all stand for TFI or what it teaches or how I was raised, but I do want to be fair to the individual person, and try to see each person for who they are and what they are doing. Ultimately I believe TFI members have the right to live in that group and to suffer whatever persecution they get for it, but I only feel comfortable in going after true criminals, people I know without a doubt were evil and used their power to hurt and abuse. Maybe that doesn't make sense, I'm starting to lose the point, hehe.