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digging through the archives

Posted by excog on May 06, 2006 at 17:49:56

The following was posted on this site around 4 years AGO, on the Tim Peters issue. Now I read all he'd have to do is find an alternative way of living to FCF funding, but 'he has not had the time.'

As far as I am concerned, he may never find the time, if he does not make the time.

I am reposting something from 4 years ago just to show you how 'time' may not be the issue here, as what was said then could have been said today.

osted On Generation eXers board
Date: June 15, 2002

Think about it

I saw your post concerning Tim Peters, and would like to invite you to consider the following, because I think you may not have thought of this angle.
Many of us who at a certain point left, did so for 'desperation.' We could not live with our conscience anymore. I and my ex were in a European country, and he had been out of the US 17 years. Our only means of supports were tapes and posters and F materials, and he had good provisioning contact. The time came where he could just NOT face himself anymore in that kind of operation and felt he had to walk out on a LIMB and cut all of that out of his life to sever all ties with a group that he knew was such a cesspool.

After years of "for god's sake follow god" "god's guarantees" "keep on believing" "go south" no wait now go East, go mobile, no wait sell all the equipment and get into combos, no wait now etc etc etc, don't you THINK that is someone REALLY has faith and there is really a God, that God would honor and 'bless' such a conscience based position? If for years we had to walk out on a limb (literally) (remember even about catching germs or sperms?!) for the WRONG reasons, what could be incongruent about doing just THAT for the right reasons?

Do you know how many people I know including myself that had to do that? I don't know what reasons Tim Peters has, but if he has to keep lying about not knowing the F, if he has to keep getting something from them, then he is not a free person; the borrower is servant to the lender, and if you do business in ANY way with the F you pay the price of lie and deceit and silence for it. THAT ought to bother your conscience, regardless of how many ppl you help in Corea. After starting in the spirit or so to say, has this become a works type religion? Ironic isn't it?
And if it be of God, wouldn't God raise the right people for Tim Peters to do the Christian business with, if his heart is really in the right place and he was really tired of having ties with such a dubious organization with such a dirty past? I am just speculating, but I don't buy this I know the individual poor guy he only uses FCF for donations etc. You know, some of us had good ministries and witnessed and did not abuse kids, but could not stand anymore to use materials that were tainted with the "blood" of so many. We had to grow up and 'come out of the unclean thing' (funny how it all works in reverse, huh? :)

Think about it. These are only points for reflections based on the very principles we lived on for many many years.