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Re: Teaching Family doctrines

Posted by moonshiner on May 07, 2006 at 02:01:57

In Reply to: Re: Teaching Family doctrines posted by good questions on May 06, 2006 at 20:28:01:

You said: "Since someone came on who knows this family and knows their children and that they are loosely associated, I would give that person the benefit of the doubt because they have been around the ex member community long enough to be trusted."

Family members are expert at deceiving even those they are close to. Although Porceleindoll (I assume that's who you are referring to) has close contact with some of Tim's family members, that doesn't mean she's not susceptible to being lied to or deceived. It could even be that Tim's daughter who wrote to PD is deluded herself as to Tim's real status in TF and so wasn't purposely trying to deceive PD, but merely just passing on her own delusion.

One of the excuses the daughter gave for Tim's continued acceptance of FCC money was that he didn't have time to figure out how to cut his ties to FCC and get support from elsewhere. Well, if you look at the archived posts that have recently been reposted here you'll see that Tim had conversations with exmembers in 2002 who warned him then that he should cut his ties with TF or else face public disclosure of his membership in that nefarious cult. Tim was proudly defiant then in insisting he would retain his connection to TF. If memory serves me right, similar conversations occurred later in I think 2003 and 2005 where exmembers again urged Tim to severe his ties with TF. So it seems to me that Tim has had plenty of warning and time to consider all the evidence against TF and make his choice. It was an extremely feeble excuse by his daughter to suggest that he just hasn't had the time. That suggests to me that she either is deliberately covering for him, or is her self deceived.

Btw, in your post above you suggest that I or others like me are "out to get" regular members. In another post below in response to me you used the phrase "crusade", again suggesting that I or others are on a crusade against individual members. Perhaps you have not had a chance to read all of the many recent posts on this board concerning Peters, but more than once I've made it very clear that my only interest is in truth and justice. Again I repeat, that with regard to Peters my only interest is in exposing fraudulent and corrupt practices. Any harms to him, his family, or his work that result from exposing the truth about TF and his connection to it are his own doing.