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that was me. sorry for the confusion

Posted by starzinger on May 08, 2006 at 04:26:20

In Reply to: Re: Teaching Family doctrines posted by moonshiner on May 07, 2006 at 14:25:21:

but I didn't mean that I see you as on a crusade I was thinking generally about what doesn't add up. It is not PC to "expose" perm L.B. But it is PC to expose a man in a third world country where he is working with people leaving Korea. I hate that the Family does or appears to do good works to gain favor in their respective communities.
I didn not mean to imply that I see you in a negative light and in fact I agree with you about many things you post.
I have just got to thinking about this more since the LB thing. I was irked to see someone's mother still in associated to the cult via the work there. I had bad memories of her like someone had bad memories of this guy and moldy rice.
I think in the context of the family it is easy to rationalize and think in the family context because of how isolated it is, constantly bombarded with repetitive literature and so on.
That is why I think if the head were brought down, Maria and Peter along with their protection of known perps and serious criminals not only would the world be wiser but the people in the cult would have to re-evaluate their line of thinking. Either they would start to wake up or believe it was "persecution" for TF version of stinking righteousness sake.
Anyway, when people leave that are higher up, is it not more beneficial to have their inside info validated than to have them afraid to leave because someone will in some way take them down?
Also, to PD, if you know that these people are actually willing to leave if they knew where they would want to go and how they would get there, please post it and I will see what I can dig up.
This goes for anyone considering getting out.
ANYONE. Even children, in some countries if you want to get out you can do so as young as ten yrs old if you were wanting to. I have contact numbers. Let me know.
Here is someone getting people "safe" from N. Korea and yet they need a safe place in reality to get their minds and healthy sense of self worth built up.
Okay so I picked a funny name to go by but I figured it would be one no one else would be likely to use. I don't think I posted as all the question posts. But I was not at first intending to get in on this touchy conversation. ;)