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There is an undeniable link!

Posted by Starzinger on May 08, 2006 at 18:43:58

In Reply to: But that is the FCF web site! posted by Swede on May 08, 2006 at 16:57:04:

Here is their site. Scroll to where to make online donations and click on that. It is not hard to see the connection.
The point of this is that LB connection was not just about what SA said about individuals. It was about their connection to FCF and many were angry, esp. SG that people were bothering them as they are said to be associated but not full time members.
This other person, defend the family or not, is also financed in part by FCF. So both are connected. Why is the protection of one family more important than the other BARRING a victim's desire to press charges and expose a known offender? Especially since the concern was about FCF association harming them.
There are dates and data to show the connection.
So by the principles set down here by some it should be post photos, contact press for every Gabriel, Joshua and Ruth [in place of Tom, Dick and Harry]that has a known association to FCF. That is like the feds busting the nickel and dime drug users vs. busting the meth lab.
Now I don't defend any one still in the Family and I hate and I mean HATE what Maria and Peter are doing and what known perps have done.
So can anyone tell me how one group's association to FCF is more expose worthy than the other? And don't tell me it is because someone came to the board and didn't dis the Family and the others wrote some letter to Maria. They are still connected.
That being said, I am personally wondering the overall good outcome of going after small fry.