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It is not their own site!

Posted by Swede on May 09, 2006 at 03:12:53

In Reply to: Oops. Here is their site posted by Starzinger on May 08, 2006 at 18:45:21:

Your dates and data show the OLD connection.

LOOK AT THE ADDRESS of the site. It is not their own site! Their own site is and I cannot find any FCF logo there. There is furthermore a method given to donate directly to Russian banks.

LOOK AT THE DATE. It is from May 2001. There were connections but no longer anymore. If it is active they will put something on their own site, but nothing I can find.

Maybe you have ionformation I do not have? If LB organization are still connected to FCF then you have a point but LB people said they are not associate members. No associate members can write something so strong to Maria and survive in the gang, you can be sure. Furthermore they agree FCF any connection is harmful and searched for ways to receive donations without FCF.

On the other hand Tim Peters came here to defend his position in TF.

One attacks Marias lies, another protects his right to live dishonestly.
Can you not see the hell of difference between them 2?

Yes, I tell you, to expose one groups' FCF association is more worthy than the other, and the letter to Maria, compared with the posts to reserve his own right to continue cheating, makes the world of difference.