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Don't let'm pressure you son!!

Posted by Grandpa's Ghost on May 09, 2006 at 12:27:56

In Reply to: Official statement from LB official web site posted by Swede on May 09, 2006 at 05:14:37:

Tim, you're doing a great job! Don't come down off the wall! Don't deny the Family! I agree entirely with your friend, Smirky, who came on this dog-vomit backslider board a while ago and defended you. Smirky was right, it's all an attempt by bitter, disgruntled apostates to say the Family is all bad and wrong and some "criminal organization" to try to get you to cut ties with FCF! Don't do it, son!

Son, I want you to remember the "Days of Heaven" that you spent sucking at the paps of David, that you spent licking the honey saliva that fell from my lips! Right? Remember, even the dung and piss of David is food for those who are truly anhungered, even the dung of my words and the piss of my thoughts! The Family at its WORST is better than the System at it's best! Got that? Spending years being beaten down in a Victor's Camp is better than Mother Teresa ministering to the poor in Calcutta or than some churchy outfit building orphanages and hospitals and feeding the poor in Africa! The System is totally messed up and the Family is totally cleaned up! Ha! That's a good line: "The System is totally messed up and the Family is totally cleaned up!"

I have to admire Smirky's fighting spirit to come to this hell-hole of a backslider's board and stand up for the Family! And Smirky says he's not even a member of the Family! Whew! "Out of the mouth of babes and suckers," I'll tell you! BUT WHERE WERE YOU, SON? HUH? How come you let Smirky come here and take the heat and stand up for the Family and deny everything, and Smirky's not even a Family member and Smirky's not even being supported by FCF funds! How come YOU didn't speak up, huh son?

"How long will ye halt between two opinions?" Either you're sucking at the paps of David, you're really sucking, or you're not sucking at all! Do you want to suck or don't you? Are you a sucker for the system or a sucker for the Family? These days they say "that really sucks" when something's bad or "what a sucker!" They say it in a negative way. But I think the Family ought to stand up tall and proud and say, "Yes, I SUCK! Yes, I suck at the paps of David!" You oughta turn that right around and ask THEM, "DO YOU SUCK? Huh?"

Tim, son, I realize you're on some kind of reduced status from what I hear, and from what they say, you're trying to wean yourself off Family FCF funds, but THINK about where your financial support is coming from! And think twice before you wean yourself off the paps of David and ...

(Uncontrollable tongues and weeping and violent bombasic gyspy screaming.)

Well, I guess you heard that. I bet even the neighbors heard that. Well, that's my parting message: Be a sucker for the Family, not a sucker for the system.