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Re: Official statement from LB official web site

Posted by Starzinger on May 09, 2006 at 14:45:10

In Reply to: Official statement from LB official web site posted by Swede on May 09, 2006 at 05:14:37:

I agree. I also hope they do something about FCF pages that are dated through 2006. What it seems to be is FCF craftily using old articles and at the bottom of the page of old LB articles it still says you can donate boats, RVs and cars.

They might want to do something about that since the FCF page is dated through 2006.

My concern is that someone reliable said they knew relatives of the other person and if this other person is more loosely associated, they may be on their way out too.

Sometimes people don't get out because they have invested so much of their life that they stay associated meaning they don't get into the weird doctrines but they still get funds from the Family in trade for the family using their success stories and good works to promote their organization and gain an air of legitimacy.

So what about exposing FCF and the umbrella orgs themselves and then maybe people who are loosely associated will start attaching themselves to genuine orgs instead of FCF. It seems to have worked for LB.

I do things backwards sometimes but in a sense LB is attached perhaps unknowingly since FCF still has pages up for which they beg donations and it is tricky because if you didn't read it real thoroughly you would miss that LB is it's own charity now. It does not tell you how to connect with LB for funding.

I wish them all well and anyone trying to separate themselves from the Family or who are in a position where they may do it if the pressure was on TF org more than the field based success stories that are being bled for PR.