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Re: (Quoting CB)

Posted by moonshiner on May 11, 2006 at 15:25:39

In Reply to: Re: (Quoting CB) posted by Deb on May 11, 2006 at 13:27:06:

Deb, this response of yours contains familiar arguments that Family members and their supporters often use to attempt to deflect criticism away from where it really belongs. Your tired arguments are merely attempts to hide the real issue of your father's continued allegiance to TF. What is so difficult about that for you to understand? Whatever good works he may be doing are severely smeared by his loyalty to TF.

All your screaming accusatorial questions asking us what we are doing for the greater good or helping those less fortunate only serve to convince me that your dad has not severed his ties with TF. Instead of giving us assurances that he has abandoned TF all you can do is avoid the issue by attempting to accuse us of something (inaction) you have absolutely no knowledge of. We, on the otherhand, do have lots of knowledge about your dad's proud connection to TF, and I for one will continue to try to expose that until I'm assured that he has either denounced TF or he publicly acknowledges his ties to that corrupt organization to all of his current and future donors, as well as reporters.

I also think its quite revealing that you enter this discussion here about your dad with such vitriol, yet it is clear that you have not read all the recent posts concerning him. You asked in other post who Smiley is. That shows that you have not read the most important discussions that have revolved around your dad, else you would certainly know who Smiley is. At the very least one would think that you would have read all that has been said recently on this topic before jumping in with your nonsensical accusations.