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To Deb

Posted by CB on May 12, 2006 at 13:16:27

I have a lot of admiration and respect for the work your father is doing in Korea. I don't know your father personally, so I can't comment on his character. However, even if he's less than a sterling example of human integrity (as was the case with Oscar Schindler), I believe the work he is doing is more important than the man.

I also believe you when you say your father is no longer affiliated with TFI. My biggest concern about that possible tie was a tithe going to leadership from money donated for the underground railroad in Korea. You have to admit, it's a classic type of scam for TFI to run, where "We're helping the oppressed" = "We're helping ourselves."

I wish your father would listen to you about the damage that his financial link to FCF is doing to his work. I'm the kind of person who's inclined to financially support his outreach, but I will never, ever trust FCF to handle donations. Is this something that you father fully understands? That is, just how widespread FCF's reputation is as a charity front for TFI?

Does he also understand that FCF may well be the "deep pockets" in a law suit brought against TFI by its abuse survivors? This threat may seem far-fetched, but we've seen a sea-change in the U.S. courts over the last 15 years with cases involving the corporate liability of religious organizations for child abuse. FCF is a US-based 501(c), and therefore subject to civil litigation under the same RICO legislation used to successfully sue the Roman Catholic Church--a much more powerful religious organization than TFI/FCF, with a thousand times as many friends & devout members serving in state and federal government.