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Re: I believe Deb

Posted by moonshiner on May 12, 2006 at 13:23:33

In Reply to: Re: I believe Deb posted by Oldtimer on May 12, 2006 at 12:43:59:

Oldtimer, I believe it was Deb, not Smiley, who said that her dad was too busy to cut ties to the FCF and TF. That "too busy" comment was first made in a post by Porceleindoll who included some comments from an unnamed daughter of Tim. I remember that because I replied to PD's post saying that the excuse of being too busy was a real lame excuse. Since those exchanges, Deb has appeared posting herself and I assume she is the one that PD originally quoted.

Exer has also pointed out that the excuse of being too busy is extremely lame. Imo it is also disingenuous. Since 2002, Peters has had more than one online conversation with exmembers who have warned him that if he doesn't disassociate himself from TF, then efforts will be made to expose to the public and relevant authorities his connections to that corrupt organization.

Four years later there is still no indication that Peters has denounced Family leaders and certain doctrines, and completely disassociated himself from TF. Until he does, it is only right that we question his work. He doesn't seem to mind the attention. After all, he appeared on the cover of Time magazine. And within days, the FCF site had that on their site. Surely four years is enough time for him to have considered his situation and choose to do something to end his dependance on TF. Apparently, he chose to do nothing and continues to allow TF to capitalize on his good works.