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Re: Frivilous litigation threats

Posted by Oscar Zeta Acosta on May 13, 2006 at 14:11:35

In Reply to: Re: Frivilous litigation threats posted by Deb on May 13, 2006 at 12:59:02:

Why would my parents name me Oscar?

All my life strangers have been interested in my ancestry. There is something about my bearing that cries out for history. Iíve been mistaken for American Indian, Spanish, Filipino, Hawaiian, Samoan, and Arabian. No one has ever asked me if Iím a spic or a greaser. Am I Samoan?

"Arenít we all?" I groan.

He reached his hand toward me. "You donít mind my asking, do you?"

"Of course not," I say calmly as I reverse the lit end of the cigarette so that the flame is cupped in the palm. I reach for his handshake.

He screams like a woman in distress with her skirt held high. I puff my meanness as he licks at the burn and whimpers, "You sonafagun. Youíve burned the dickens out of my hand."

"I know."

"But why? I didnít do anything. I donít even know you."

"I guess itís my Samoan blood."