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Re: If you work with lawyers all day

Posted by moonshiner on May 13, 2006 at 15:16:25

In Reply to: Re: If you work with lawyers all day posted by Deb on May 13, 2006 at 12:48:25:

Now you're just being hypocritical. You were quick with the name calling when you thought my use of the word "sicking" was mispelled, which it wasn't. Then you later use the completely wrong word, mistaking illicit for elicit, and you complain that it's unfair for people to point that out. Like someone else said in another post, you seem to want it both ways. You called me dumb, even though I was correct and you were wrong, and now you self-righteously say that you're constantly making mistakes in grammar and spelling. So if you are, why jump on others for making similar mistakes? That's self-righteous hypocracy in my book.

Having read all of Smiley's posts and now all of yours, I'm beginning to see that there is not much different in your style of posting. You are coming across as extremely immature and naive. When confronted with cogent, rational arguments concerning your father you always skirt the issue, usually with some curt, immature response like "yawn", or that you are bored. Or you make idle threats of lawsuits that don't have a chance in hell of even proceeding. That is a breach of professional ethics that all lawyers are bound to. I'm beginning to really wonder what it is exactly that you do at that law firm you're so proud of. Whatever it is, knowledge of the law is apparently not rubbing off on you.

If you are so bored in your life, which is the reason you gave for coming here, and if you find the posts here boring, then why the hell do you keep coming here? You certainly have not clarified anything regarding your father. You seem to be here merely to muddy the waters with regard to his Family membership. You initially gave the impression that you were up to date on your dad's status regarding TF, trying to defend him with that blundering excuse that he was too busy. When you were challenged on that point, you brush it off another lame excuse that that was your understanding from past conversations with him.

I'm now beginning to think that you don't really have a clue what the truth is regarding your dad's Family connection. If you're not in TF and he is, in whatever capacity, then why would he tell you the truth about his situation? Just because you're his daughter? I doubt it. Family members have done far worse than lie to a child. You can say he's not in TF all you want, but you haven't really provided any real evidence in all of your mostly nonsensical, immature posts here.