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Open Letter to Tim Peters

Posted by Coordinators on May 13, 2006 at 19:50:00

Tim Peters, please write us.

If you are now out of The Family, please let us know.

Your daughter Deb has said: "my Dad is NO LONGER FM. I don't know how many f**king times I'm gonna have to say it."

To date, we have not heard anything from you that indicates that you have severed ties with The Family. The last information we have from you, as reposted at, is where you proudly proclaim your Family membership:

"Yes, I do have FM status in the Family Missionary Fellowship ... As another matter of record, mention of the Family Missionary Fellowship as an integral part of my missionary training has been stated by me in several prominent interviews ... OK, to sum up, I'm FM and proud to be so..."

You also said in so many words, that you really didn't care whatever was posted about you, but would go on about your business. However, we care, and do not want to publish any erroneous information. It is a mission of sites like ours to provide the public with information about organizations affiliated with The Family and the FCF. If however, any information we have posted about you is outdated or incorrect, you are free to post on the genx board or to write us privately. We welcome your corrections. If you have truly left The Family, we feel that a logical step would be for you to say so in unequivocal terms.

Your daughter has stated that you no longer tithe to The Family: "None of my Dad's money goes to FCF because he would have to account for it to his donors, who specifically said that he could take 1% for HIS administrative purposes .... He has also stopped tithing, and it has been that way for a long time."

We fail to see how it has been this way for a long time since you were recently admitting that you did tithe:

"After considerable research into other foundations, I have found that the 10% that the Family Care Foundation uses for its administrative expenses is considered frugal by any measure."

We as insiders, know that the FCF was founded by The Family for purposes among others, to circulate funds and collect tithes. These tithes as we also know, would then be passed on to the leadership of The Family, which are living in hiding to avoid prosecution. So the 10% "administrative" fee is not merely a business commission, but direct support of The Family's fugitives hiding from justice.

Your daughter has also said that you do not like the Family stealing your good works for their own PR & personal glory: "Just because [The Family International] steals his success for their personal glory and gain, does NOT mean he's happy about it. He is most certainly not. He's doing all the work--why should they take the credit??"

The solution is easy: Write The Family and tell them to cease taking credit for what you are doing and to remove any links to your website. Your daughter says FCF funding is not an issue, that you already have an extensive network of non-Family supporters: “And if you knew the extent of his network of supporters OUTSIDE [The Family International] (in Congress, the Pentagon), etc., I would seriously back off if I were you people on here.”

If you are no longer in The Family, we urge you to disassociate your organization from The Family and their sordid past, and not to have a disreputable group taking credit for the good you do.

Hoping to hear from you soon. Coordinators.