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What's the point?

Posted by Starzinger on May 14, 2006 at 11:32:10

In Reply to: Re: I support Deb to stay and post posted by Another view on May 14, 2006 at 09:04:25:

Lots of people post with "angry and snobbish" tones. I don't see the need for such scathing criticism of Deb and I don't know her from Adam. I am far from being in any way shape or form sympathetic with TF leadership. Will it help if someone is as yet not come to terms with all the losses from the past AND has some good memories too if they are threatened?
I think it is good that FCF is being exposed. I hope her father has a back up plan.

She may know that her father will not tell her "everything" or there may not be anything to tell that isn't already familiar. She seems to be writing for the benefit of herself and says she is no longer in TF. What cause is she to benefit? I thought the exer community was here for the benefit of the individual from resources and communication.
An adult child wanting to defend their parents is normal. I don't see her as affiliated with TF because she says she is not. How many of us left and had a full view of our experience immediately?

Maybe she is proud of her father for the good works he is doing and maybe that work can lead to him getting fully divorced from the Family. It took LB a few years.
You say she doesn't care about the "evil teachings" of the family. How do you know that? Have you asked her about her thoughts on the LJR? If it was presented to her as an SG youth, would she be able to fully realize how sick it is since it was presented as normal? She doesn't seem to realize the magnitude of abuse in being separated from busy parents and so on, not to mention camp life or communal life where people are, as she described, likely trained to tear each other apart Mao style, being trained by peers in part. I don't see her promoting her father but just concerned about him and maybe he is in a place that LB was prior to starting to make the full break and prior to their letter to M & P and their "awakening" if you will.

It makes sense to me that she cares about this topic whether she is "benefitting" from it or not. The way I see it she has described her life with honesty saying she was not as pampered as it would seem but more sheltered than many over time with less "street" work.

Rick had less street work and was Maria's biological child. He was privileged in some ways but also in some ways those privileges put him in the Lion's Den where he was ripped apart by Berg, Maria and TF core doctrines.

Are "privileged" youth any less abused? In a sense i think not because there is more pressure on them to be an good "example". They are sometimes despised by others who were lower level members who suffered more hard times in SOME ways.

Imagine being set up to be a "shiner" family. The whole damn cult thing was miserable whether a person was on top or bottom.

I would be happy as a tick on a big fat boar hog if Maria was in prison cleaning toilets under order of her roommate. I also hope TP can eventually cut his ties with TFI, but won't he have to get to that point himself? Either with the support of his Family, or as the FCF is exposed and there is a ripple effect?

I haven't seen Deb promoting TFI but I have seen her concerned about her father. Why shouldn't she be? Would it be better if he was free from associations to FCF? I think so. Does he? Maybe not. OR, maybe not yet.