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I agree but disagree

Posted by Observer on May 15, 2006 at 12:14:02

In Reply to: Re: To Everyone posted by CB on May 15, 2006 at 08:41:43:

CB, I also appreciated hearing everything Deb had to say & her openness compared in pretty stark contrast to her father's tight-lipped refusal to speak up. You get the feeling that he thinks if he can just stay quiet & get Deb & others to stay quiet that this will all pass over. And it probably will.

However, I can't say that I support what Tim Peterss is doing to help people escape North Korea. Clearly, there are other NGOs & organizations doing the job as well & who would pick up any slack for the ONE WEEK it would take Peters to get his house in order by cutting ties to FCF & informing his many supporters in congress & the Pentagon that he no longer has ties to The Family.

Yes, I admire Deb for defending her father but I hardly think he's a shining example to look up to when he stubbornly refuses to even listen to her. She said she & her father were very close & I can believe that, but despite their emotional closeness HE DOESN'T TRUST HER enough to tell her where he's at in relation to The Family. He keeps his cards close to his chest with his own daughter. That strikes me as very strange.

Tom Buckley's anger was over the top but it's not as if I can measure Deb against Tom. Deb has shared what she knows, Tom has not. In fact, Tom has said he may never share. So as far as I'm concerned, Tom has said nothing yet & his statements don't even enter the equation. It's as if he has never posted anything. So that leaves only Deb speaking. I admire her but that doesn't answer any of the many questions I have about Tim Peters.