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Re: Deb has broken no rules yet

Posted by moonshiner on May 15, 2006 at 13:13:51

In Reply to: Deb has broken no rules yet posted by Coordinator on May 14, 2006 at 17:54:37:

That's why I said that imo I thought she had broken the spirit of the rules. I don't think she's done anything to warrant being banned, yet, but she has admitted that she's just toying with us, "fucking with your heads" is how she initially put. If you think that is appropriate behavior, that her motives are sincere, then there's not much I can do about that, except challenge her at every opportunity.

CB said in a post below that no one can mess with her head if she doesn't give them the power to. I don't see this issue that way. Imo, it's not a matter of allowing someone to mess with my head. I've said many times that my only interest regarding TF and their affiliates is Truth and Justice. I've always assumed this site's main purpose is in determining and exposing the truth about TF. When someone comes here to fuck/mess with our heads it seems to me that they should get a warning or at the very least a gentle reminder to read the rules and know the audience they are speaking to here. The kind of mind games Deb is playing with us is an ugly reminder of how TF operates. It's not clear to me why Deb has been allowed to get away with these admitted mind games, name-calling, swearing at people etc, though I recognize the difficulty of your task. If you let some people talk long enough their own words will condemn them, so I guess that has been the value of allowing her to get away with behavior others have been reprimanded for.

She also has failed to address the issues, avoided questions and explained nothing except that which she has inadvertantly revealed in the course of expressing her indignation towards us. I understand that she's a daughter trying to defend her dad, but she doesn't need to attack or mess with us to do that. I no longer take lightly any attempt by anyone to fuck with my mind, and the way to prevent that is to challenge them and point out any inconsistency in their position. Deb may think this is all fun and games (in one post she said she was having fun trying to mess with our heads), but this is deadly serious business. Lives have been lost or ruined by TF.