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Tim Peters isfar from the only one

Posted by Observer on May 15, 2006 at 17:28:23

In Reply to: Ahem :) posted by CB on May 15, 2006 at 17:12:21:

You quote me as saying there are hundreds of other NGOs who could step into Peters' shoes, saying: I'm not sure that I agree with Observer that there are hundreds of other people with legitimate NGOs who could step in tomorrow and fill Tim's shoes.

No, I don't think there are hundreds & didn't say there were, but clearly there are many. Consider that there are millions of anti-Communist Christians, S. Korean nationals, who have been involved in this for decades before Peters showed up.

What I said was: Clearly, there are other NGOs & organizations doing the job as well & who would pick up any slack for the ONE WEEK it would take Peters to get his house in order by cutting ties to FCF & informing his many supporters in congress & the Pentagon that he no longer has ties to The Family.

I know Peters gives the impression that he's vitally important, but considering that millions of motivated S. Koreans have been concerned about the plight of N. Koreans (their own relatives, parents, cousins, nieces & nephews!) for decades, I believe Peters could take the ONE WEEK of time out to clean his own house before continuing on in his 'good works.'

If I were going to donate money to helping desperate N. Koreans, I would certainly NOT give it to Tim Peters who refuses pig-headedly to cut ties to the Family. I would give it to one of the many legitimate, S. Korean agencies.