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Re: 'Stepping in tomorrow to fill Peters' shoes'

Posted by CB on May 16, 2006 at 08:05:21

In Reply to: 'Stepping in tomorrow to fill Peters' shoes' posted by Observer on May 15, 2006 at 17:36:27:

Sorry if I mispresented your position. I'm willing to give Peters a little more credit for his accomplishments than you are. But no, I'm not donating any money to him, and I never will as long as he pig-headedly remains attached to FCF. It's Peters' pig-headedness that interests me, though. He managed to keep his kid safe from the child-molesting leadership and their pedophile wannabes (so she claims). He managed to get an education and give his daughter an education. He managed to build up a mission in Korea that outlived Berg, Zerb & Company's destructive covetousness and envy.

If you read the article in the Korean version of Time, Peters talks about the fact that S. Koreans are primarily interested in helping their relatives in North Korea--not in helping North Koreans per se or North Korean Christians. I got the feeling he recognized an unmet need to help North Koreans who don't have family members in South Korea who can help them. Maybe I'm wrong, but that is the rationale that Peters gives for donating to him, a westerner, rather than to a S. Korean NGO.

I get the impression he pretty much built his ministry from the ground up, without a lot of help/support from TFI. Given that, I don't doubt the possibility he is a cut-throat, shifty bastard, which accounts for why he's made an enemy of Buckley.

It may be that an internet forum like this doesn't allow for taking a nuanced position, because it takes a lot of explaining and back-and-forth to clarify shades of gray. On the other hand, I have the perception that many people see the situation with Peters in terms of black and white--you either condemn him for his association with FCF (which I have), or you admire him for his work. Muance: I admire the work, not necessarily the man.

If Peters is such an inconsequential player in the Korean aid game, why does he get so much publicity? And why have we spent weeks (yes weeks) talking about him? I guess I'm willing to give the devil his due. Even a scoundrel can do the right thing, in spite of himself, and God uses all sorts of people to His purposes.