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Re: Big White Man save lazy, selfish Koreans?

Posted by Miguel on May 16, 2006 at 16:39:17

In Reply to: Big White Man save lazy, selfish Koreans? posted by Observer on May 16, 2006 at 12:51:25:

I have asked people who know and they tell me that the border between the Koreas is impossible to pass. There are routine shootings between patrols in nobody's land (DMZ), land mines and all of that. It is not like in the border between Germanies where there was a short few yards. Both armies are in constant state of war.

The only smuggling that can take place is done by fishermen or other very clandestine operations. I cannot see TF or Tim Peters doing that. That can only and foremost be done by S. Koreans. What may be happening, as I am told, is that the real heroes of the day prefer to remain in the dark and away from publicity. Tim Peters may be mainly chanelling resources once the refugees have arrived (provisioning?). There is nothing heroic about that because the S. Korean government has programs to take care of that. Peter is probably just taking advantages of those programs but takes the recognition as if he were doing the whole thing. I for one call those opportunistic parasites.

Just in case anybody wonders, parasites serve a purpose, but they are definitely nothing to admire.