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Barry ought to care

Posted by Observer on May 17, 2006 at 11:52:50

In Reply to: Sad.... posted by Jewlz on May 17, 2006 at 01:40:24:

For a lot of people, the Family mentality is to not be attached to their own offspring. You know, 'One Wife' & 'Yielded Chesspiece' & all that Berg-talk. They count it as being unselfish & yielded to God's will. Especially for career people like Barry & Windy, not having children was what made their 'ministry' possible.

So even tho he's now out of the Family, Barry's brain is still full of 30 years of indoctrination & still thinking along Family lines. You said earlier that he told his son that they'd just communicate by e-mail for now. Apparently that's not good enuf for your son & I understand why. (It translates in real time as meaning, 'I don't actually want to see you.')

Just make sure you're not doing anything that appears to be standing in the way of Barry meeting your son. I don't think you are. After all, you even made Barry 'look good' by saying he did care for your son. And you're not pressing any further legal issues are you? And you're well enuf off that you don't need 20 years of back-pay child support, right? So what's holding Barry back?

Probably two things: He hasn't fully worked thru dumping all his Family mentality yet & knows when he meets his son, that he'll probably tell Barry the Family's crap, & Barry still sees good in the Family. And probably the other thing is Barry is afraid of meeting you. He figures you're just waiting for him to show up so you can give him a piece of your mind. Well, whatever need you may feel to tell Barry off, I think it's pretty obvious that you're putting your son's needs above your own.

C'mon, Barry! If you're reading this, stop waiting. Your son needs to know you care. After everything you've done in the past, your son still needs your love & needs to know you care for him. And despite what you've done, Jewlz actually stood up for you & said you did care. So prove it now. Be a father.

You are one lucky bastard. After 30 years in the Family you may have all but forgotten what the natural love for a father and son is, but wake up now! Don't let this opportunity pass. What have you got to lose but your pride?