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Quick Poll - warning, dark thoughts :(

Posted by Thinker on May 17, 2006 at 12:51:18

Reading Jewlz' post made me mad. I'm a big black cloud.

The Family paid big bucks to PR and Image Consultants for a makeover of their image. The Family now touts itself as a wholesome movement, a new religious movement with some alternative views; calling them "counter culture" to add a ring of validity, riding on the subtle idea that all cultures are valid, whether or not we can identify with them.

The fact is, The Family is probably singularly responsible for breaking up more families than any other group we know of, in terms of broken families achieved per member.

The requirement for becoming a true disciple itself, is to break up a family unit: drop out, severe ties with your systemite family, leave your parents, wife, children, anyone who places demands on you to not drop out.

That happened to me.

Then there are the families that were broken up once people joined and became members. In the name of One Wife, on average how many relationships have we broken up or had broken up for us, per person?

My personal count is 3. Not just relationships that didn't work out, but a divorce from a backsliding wife; a woman that I loved to death but leadership said we couldn't be together; a wife that had to leave because of the state she was in after we got out.

How many family units did we break up when we recruited new members?

For me, too many to count, I would get nightmares if I tried to. The one that sticks out most is when a husband committed suicide because his wife joined, refused to leave, and turned into an FFer, fucking strangers.

How many relationships did we break up because of sharing and involvements?

I probably left a trail there too. There are 3 I can think of off hand, and probably lots more if I delve into it.

Then how many relationships were damaged upon leaving?

For me, I have been estranged from 5 children, due to events originating from my time in The Family.

So single-handedly, my involvement with The Family, on obeying leadership, on living unsound ideals, on consequences of choices I made to remain in The Family, resulted in a TRAIL of broken families and broken lives.

The Family contravenes the rights of children, destroys the family unit, and now pretends to be wholesome, Christian, pro family unit?


So here's the sobering poll, if you care for it:

Did you break up a family unit to join?

How many family units were broken due to your activities and obedience to directives in The Family?

How many lives are now incomplete (like Jewlz' son) now that you've left?