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Re: Barry ought to care

Posted by Jewlz on May 17, 2006 at 20:06:15

In Reply to: Re: Barry ought to care posted by Observer on May 17, 2006 at 19:58:26:

From the time Steve was a little boy I always tried to talk about the good things about his father. kept photos of him around for Steve, & constantly explained that Pete thought he was doing the right thing when he took him, and was very dedicated to doing 'gods' work. a kid doesn’t need to constantly hear 'your mum or dad is BAD'. Its his roots – his flesh & blood.

Of course as he got older, he knew the whole shebang, but Steven never hated his father even then - he was just always patient that Pete would one day leave TF and have some sort of relationship with his son. Steve is such a forgiving person & really caring.

I just hate seeing my son sad saying stuff like dad wouldn’t care if I lived or died & with an obvious piece missing out of his soul. This sort of hardcore ‘father stuff’ will no doubt affect his life in the future (speaking from experience here).

Steve doesn’t understand why his father hasn’t come to him now that he has allegedly left the family….we understand why but Steve doesn’t.. and in the meantime, Steve is fighting hard to establish a relationship with his father. Steve knows how I personally feel about Pete and I know how he feels about him, but we both sincerely respect each others views and feelings on the matter. Most parents would be walking across hot coals to make amends with their kids if they’d be missing in action for over 20 years. Id be willing to cop everything that was dished out to me. Its just all so gutless & cruel. So selfish.

There are no legal proceedings taking place anymore, just my interview (which is now online) and the fact that I needed to get that story out.

Thanks for listening...