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Everything Needs Context: A Prose Poem for Mad Cultists.

Posted by The Happy Scientist on May 17, 2006 at 20:19:36

In Reply to: Re: Context is Everything posted by Deb on May 17, 2006 at 09:15:09:

Tim will not speak out against the abuse of the Family because it takes the kind of courage that is not found in the FAMILY ranks. The courage to face human reality. The courage to look at life as life and not just a fictitious prologue (where anything goes) to more life in a Golden City--after you are dead (Where the fiction gives way to heavenly reality).

Therefore, Tim will not speak out or take a stand on his past; to FAMILY members the past is a kind of fiction--the future is the real thing. So we will have to educate on this site, and provide insight to others who read, and the ever-severe judgement of history.

Tim can repress and hide in a defensive stance of zealous silence anything that bothers him--don't we all?

Nevertheless, the FAMILY remains a silly busily--reinventing--itself--totalitarian--doomsday--sex--cult with self--thwarting destructive tendencies that flourish on the pleasure principle of the flesh and the poetic fiber and lush literary wealth of the Bible. Every page of which sprouts a new denomination daily. Cults are always reinventing the wheel...

Insane so-called prophets, and prophetesses come and go. They will continue to breed do-gooder cult members who are hooked and co-dependent on ABSOLUTE SOLUTIONS and ABSOLUTE ANSWERS. It's the Achille's heel of the human race. Cultics seek anything that ignores or cures human pain, averts human honesty, and rewrites human history because they pursue absolute truth.

Absolute Truth without human honesty--a rare conundrum; the hallmark of every cult, con, and carnival barker.

Bitter truth will not be found among them or THE FAMILY--only honey, for out of the strong comes forth sweetness--honey. But remember the Lion was dead--that's the only way the bees could build a nest in its mouth. (Judges 14:8-14)

Why does the tongue have bitter as well as sweet taste buds?--Because sometimes, the truth isn't sweet.