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Re: My my!

Posted by on May 18, 2006 at 12:49:51

In Reply to: My my! posted by Swede on May 17, 2006 at 15:24:26:

Swede (and other mostly knee-jerk posters defending him, sorry to say):

Gee, whiz--where do I start?

Simply, for the simple; I guess! ;-)

Susie, you were the most polite, and you do not generally accuse, denigrate, or accuse unfairly, in a childish manner born of past cult membership. You seem to be a really respectful, sweet and genuine person who has had, in the past posts of yours I have read, the enviable experience of having outgrown close to 100% of your former cult ways.

I wish all of the poster here had done the same. A small percentage seem to have barely graduated from one form of “group-think” to another, where bashing someone they have allowed themselves to adopt stereotypical thinking about makes it easy for them to demonstrate the behavior they condemn in others. Big deal.

And yes, Swede; boring and predictable.

“Outgrowing former cult ways” is the most concise description I can give of this website, and of its chat boards; the central purpose here is for exers to express their personal path of doing just that, and of trying to communicate how exactly it is done, or can be done by current members.

NDN also has grown as a webpage; IMO. It certainly is not a Christian ministry page, as it is led by people who have demonstrated a very gradual rejection of TFI-think, and where the difference between TFI-think and non-TFI-think has not been always so clear.

But I give them kudos for a great effort—allowing long and verbose “MO Quotes” has diminished greatly there, recently, as has bashing the clinically depressed; which I am, by the way.

That's really all I had to say; Swede. I grew up in Latin America, and quite a lot of things about me are very much non-American; I assure you.

I'd tell you more, if I were interested in your over-bearing and essentially "nouveau-holier-than-thou" attitude. I am multi-cultural, and multi-lingual, as well. So what? You have my email address, if you want to continue to communicate. At this time, I have no strong desire to get to know you—if you cannot understand what I said, bring a translator, then. It was not obtuse, but easily understood.

I do apologize for getting a little too sharp—perhaps I failed to understand the limits of your multilingualism, and weakness in both self-expression and comprehension, in English—my bad. Would you prefer French or Spanish?

“Observing”—are you a woman or an effeminate man? You certainly seem to have some kind of odd personal reason for wanting to accuse me of some “bad guy” male stereotype attitudes and behavior. Perhaps you enjoy the subjects of male-to-male prancing and dazzling—perhaps you even have someone in your life who attracts you with such pseudo-macho behavior (oh, yeah—specifically “torrential, bruising, and threatening”—very dramatic, in an “S & M’ way; I guess. Are you a great fan of the “Will and Grace TV show”). Kindly insert your disrespect “where the sun don’t shine” ;-)

Yes, I have countered some of your arguments in the past, to the point you were shown to be wrong to others, and ceased some of your spurious arguments—so what—it’s a chat board. If you can’t handle it; don’t post. Your posts are NOT un-opposable “Mo Letters”; after all.

“As usual”: I took Karate in High School because I had badly injured both knees taking steroids and playing football, and went on to compete nationally up till just before I joined TFI/COG. The things I learned there proved to have great value, as I had enough self-respect, as well as a great respect for women, when I understood that Berg was wrong Biblically, morally, socially, and every other way; to leave his nasty little cult.

I left, with my pregnant wife and stepson, and began my long path back to post-cult normalcy. Karate taught me to not be an effeminate follower of a demonized bisexual megalomaniacal old fart, and was one of many reasons I was able to leave. What is your story?

I am a big guy; yes. As a nurse, I was known as “Painless ____” (last name kept private). I have worked with autistic, retarded and emotionally disturbed children to age 18, have cared for and counseled indigent psychotics in a hospital setting and on the streets.

Over the years, I have been known to step in to protect women being attacked, as well as the occasional weaker male.

“To know me is to love me”—I’m actually a big Boy Scout. I have never, ever lifted my hand to a woman, or a weaker man. I do know how to defend myself, and it has saved my life on more than one occasion. You seem extremely ignorant about self-defense arts, and of the people who practice and teach them; as I have.

So, you see, you’re puerile, childish and asinine accusations say far more about you than me—you are absolutely absurd, in your inconsequential opinions, in my own humble opinion.

It is interesting how you begin your post speaking condescendingly of me in the third person—why is that; please?

By the way, I am now a cripple and wear leg braces, and a FORMER Karate practitioner/teacher (as I recently had to give up teaching), and, over the years, I have dealt with and overcome, “high-level functioning severe Attention Deficit Disorder”, Major Depressive Disorder/Recurrent/Severe (long-standing suicidal ideation—not acted on), over many years related to post-cult traumatic stress disorder, hatred, betrayal and the eventual destruction of my first marriage by in-laws, and a long history of trusting the untrustworthy.

I am learning, as a lifetime effort, to take the ideas that come to me at a very high rate, break them down and make them more understandable—you wouldn’t make fun of “Rain Man”; would you? Please do show SOME patience; though, even only for your own personal benefit of becoming less angry, accusing, and smart-ass (again; opinion).

Last year, I nearly died from rhabdomyolysis, a muscle and connective tissue degenerative disease caused by poisoning by Lipitor and Crestor, and was finally cured by an MD also practicing homeopathy, after seeing 12 doctors in a year, and given up on, and left to lose both kidneys, go on dialysis and die in 4-5 years, while maxed out on prescribed opiates. SSI has turned me down for total disability, and I am going on to become a 1st through 4th grade teacher. So, you don’t know shit—at least not about me. I am well-loved by a lot of people—can you say the same?

How do I treat those around me? I love them. I also, for their own benefit, do not suffer fools gladly. That’s how I try to help; the best I can.

“Another”: Who the heck are you? You were probably less than accurate in your estimation of the worth of your comments to me—they are worth considerably less than 2 cents.

Swede, and you as a consequence, failed to understand that I welcome TFI current members here, but that they, as several Coordinators, and MANY posters who take the same position as I do have endlessly pointed out, will be confronted by various people in a predictable manner, and logic and sound reasoning will always show the current members’ thinking to be off-base. And, they should expect the proviso that endless diatribes of TFI-think will be strongly opposed, no matter what—there will be NO Berg/Zerby converts made, or re-made, here.

Anyone who refuses to understand that is, yes, stupid; regardless—end of story.

Why on earth would Swede, or you, or anyone else, expect anything different here by ANY thinking person—are YOU a TFI current member/supporter? And why would you, in detail, please, consider his meanderings “sensible” at all?

And, by the way, the Wechsler Scales measurement of intelligence is internationally recognized, and I’d match my score confidently against Swede’s if I were interested, and I am not—comparisons like that are foolish.

“In Reply/No Name”: You REALLY used the phrase “with all due respect”. Amazing. Amazingly stupid and disingenuous (insincere); that is.

As to your ability to read and understand things: yes, most writings, worldwide and historically, involve some ideas far more complex than “Mo’ Letters” or “Maria Missives”—it is something ex-members HAVE to accept and get used to.

As you can see here, yes, sometime I respond to more than one person at a time and/or to the ideas expressed by others in an entire thread—so what? Are you some kind of wannabe elementary school English teacher? Frankly, I am not writing for you personally, and don’t care about, or for, your OWN arrogant judgments about my comments.

Yes, I generally give tit-for-tat, so do the majority of ALL the posters—where have YOU been? I doubt my own posts are any more offensive than the majority of others expressing an opinion.

From what high moral and/or intellectual ground are you presuming to judge me, in such a personal manner?

You don’t really think each chat board is a competition for popularity; do you? I, like Moonshiner, with whom I have exchanged ideas about theism versus atheism, social comments on belief systems, movies, pop culture, stand for truth and justice in regards to ex-TFI members; each in our own way. We have also gotten emotional, and perhaps even temporarily insulting in discussions where the communications turned to mere arguments, but we have, I have no doubt, learned from each other.

I respect Moonshiner, and others I have communicated with; here.

The difference here is that I genuinely, and up front, DO NOT respect you; at all—you’re phony, childish and insulting, and your comments are barely worth consideration—I would not have bothered, except for the fact theses nasty little attacks came in a group, and that DOES call for a response; IMO.

I’m no more a bully than you or anyone else, here—bullies don’t hide behind others, and attack anonymously and in a group.

I am like the guy in the joke about Texas toilet paper--Texans having to import toilet paper to Texas, because we Texans, like our TP, don’t take shit off NOBODY!

Why should I?

Susie: Again; thanks, Hon. I will take your advice—see how nicely she did that, and how far a little REAL respect goes; all you BONEHEADS?

Respectfully and sincerely,
OT2 (OldtimerToo)