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Re: There's no winning this one

Posted by Deb on May 18, 2006 at 15:02:27

In Reply to: Re: There's no winning this one posted by moonshiner on May 18, 2006 at 12:10:15:

Here we go again: Moonshiner, you just don't seem to be processing what you are reading because I have admitted my error to certain people here when I have offended them. I came into this board a bit irrational because you are attacking MY family. My flesh and blood. I don't think anyone in my situation would have reacted with flowers and sunshine. I never said that I was right all the time or knew everything. I am COMPLETELY aware of what this board is for and have friends who have suffered because of their pasts. Unlike what you have done, as soon as she called me a brat, I called her out on it. Whereas you were content to suffer through post after post of mine, being rather irrational yourself, but if you had told me from the beginning that your PTSD is being head-f***ed, well, news flash, I'm not inhuman. I probably would have backed off. Anyway, I'm letting you know right now that I will no longer be replying to your posts because I feel like I'm beating my head against the wall and every posts of yours is like deja vu for me. We have hashed and rehashed the whole "messing with your head" thing. I'm sorry you're so upset about it, but really, multiple posts ago was sufficient notice. I no longer need to be reminded that you do not appreciate having your head effed with.

But if I could just insert here, why the hell do you keep reading my posts if you don't like what I have to say????