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Re: Sad....

Posted by Zither on May 19, 2006 at 16:15:35

In Reply to: Sad.... posted by Jewlz on May 17, 2006 at 01:40:24:

Jewlz, my heart goes out to you and to Steve! My children were fatherless within the family and then after he left as well. They did get to see them but he could not be bothered with being a dad. Then he died.
There is so much damage from the Family practice of separating families within even when people are in the same place sometimes. That hurt the most for me, when I was in and at the same places as my children and not allowed to spend parental time with them.
I got out when they were young but their dad was very unavailable emotionally and physically in their lives and then he died and it put the period on the end of any chance at a relationship.
Steve sounds like a really great guy and I admire you for not trashing the man who won't be dad, for Steve's sake. Sounds like he is figuring out things that are painful on his own such as the reality that he may never have a meaningful relationship with his dad who may well rot in the Family.
So here are some {{{big cyber hugs}}} to you both as you are passing through this huge loss.