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To OT2

Posted by Coordinator on May 19, 2006 at 16:35:08

In Reply to: Seems like you missed every single point posted by Coordinator on May 18, 2006 at 13:01:42:

OT2, we would like to offer you a place to tell your story, what you've been through, what you're going through now, anything. We can put your page up on the people section, under whatever name you choose. For now, beacuse we haven't installed the self-edit feature, you have to mail in your article to the webmaster using the link under the left menu.

We would also like to outline some rules you must abide by, to continue using our boards. You are welcome to resume posting within 6 days, pending the following:
1) Brevity - keep your posts short, to the point and understandable
2) Stay in context with the post/thread you are responding to
3) Avoid lecturing others on what this board/site is for - it is the coordinator's job to ensure posts fall within given criteria - avoid lecturing, period!
4) Be more accepting of other people's stated opinions - do not invalidate them or try tell them what they really mean to say
5) Be patient with people who say they do not understand you
6) Do not be condescending to people who disagree with you or fail to understand you
7) No personal attacks or counter-attacks as a response, when things are being politely pointed out to you about yourself
8) Stop making an issue out of intelligence vs stupidity - exhausted recurring themes in your interactions with others
9) Stop making an issue out of maturity vs immaturity - another recurring theme used for badgering others in your posts
10) Try to actually listen to what other people are saying rather than dissect their words, grammar, punctuation, 1st 2nd person phrasing, search for faults, etc for a counter-attack. We encourage a genuine exchange of ideas, not just debate for the sake of debating.