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Re: Update on Thomas Hack

Posted by moonshiner on May 19, 2006 at 17:52:01

In Reply to: Update on Thomas Hack posted by Jim LaMattery on May 19, 2006 at 15:46:04:

Good work Jim! I lived with Tom (he went by Chris then) for awhile in a leadership home. I think he is the biological father of Mariko, Keda/Maggie's daughter. I also think Berg put him and Maggie together in an attempt to "cure" her of lesbianism.

He was part of the regional leadership team (I was a slave), and like most Family leaders that team lived double-standards compared to low-lifes like me. They lived by their own rules, had luxuries regular members didn't, were manipulative and they punished me for something that was not my fault because it suited their purpose. No wonder. Most if not all of them had been in Berg's home at one time or another. They kicked me out of their home, forcing me to separate from my wife because she was more submissive to them than I was.

It does not surprise me that TF has poured all that money into that luxury home/compound. It's called money laundering. No other explanation for it. I'd even bet that Zerby has spent some time there, though not likely now since you are exposing them. I wonder what other properties they have scattered around the globe, not to mention gold reserves. I guess they've given up on Jesus coming back and are digging in their heels for the long term. Fucking hypocrites! Go get 'em!