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Some Thanks for Mr. LaMattery

Posted by an SG on May 20, 2006 at 10:06:27

As somebody who has criticized certain of your actions, I want to give credit where credit is due and acknowledge your good work on this matter. I have to tip my hat to your tenacity.

I am left wistfully wondering what could have been. You have some very strong qualities, and perhaps those strengths are the very thing that can make you difficult at times, I don't know. Maybe everybody has different roles.

I have to say I am glad there is an FG out there who unlike those of us trying to build a life from scratch and sometimes surviving, other times not, has been able to devote years to securing a decent life for himself and is now choosing to come against this evil with his resources and strength. It is one of those ironies that we SG's are so behind and at such early stages of building a life, that some of us expend every ounce we can and then some we cant and bleed ourselves of resources. Remember, some of us have not safety net or family on our side.

Anyway, rueful ruminations aside, thank you Mr. LaMattery for this. SG's are still dying. My ocndolences to those in this community who lost a child last week. It could have been me. Maybe next time it will be.